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Dominique Lopez

Hometown: Vallejo, CA

School Team: M&I Foundation Team at Hopkins Lloyd Community School

Why I serve: I serve because I am passionate about social equality, unity and the ambition of reaching self-excellence. I chose to serve with City Year because I believe children guide the direction of our future, and it is up to us to make sure each child grows up with community, power, structure, opportunity and love instilled in them.

A student who impacted my service: Wyatt*. He taught me how to grow while still being the best leader I knew how to be. He taught me how to be a better role model/sister to my brother. He showed me how to uplift Black Kings (along with Black Queens) in the making.

Favorite City Year value: Belief in the Power of Young People

Nate Ezelle

Hometown: Portland, OR

School Team: Northwestern Mutual Team at Clarke Street School

Why I serve: I serve to use my privilege as a platform and to rewrite the narrative that suggests that the zipcode you are born into dictates the way you live your life.

A student who impacted my service: Clara* really impacted my service and how I viewed my service year. At first, she was very disengaged and kept her head down, but over the year we built a relationship and by the end of it, she was one of the most involved students in class.

Favorite City Year value: Students First, Collaboration Always

Estefanía Gonzalez

Hometown: Chicago, IL

School Team: Rufus King International Middle School

Why I serve: I serve to disrupt the system that will gladly leave students of color behind. It is my duty as a graduate of the system to do what I can in making sure that all the young people in Milwaukee feel supported on their path to success, happiness and prosperity.

A student who impacted my service: Ryan* was very mean when we met, especially to his classmates. Over the year I was able to see him grow and although he wasn't perfect, he definitely tried his best. We were really able to connect over our mutual love for sports and in the end I learned a lot about how to leverage relationships in healthy ways.

Favorite City Year value: Social Justice for All

*Names changed to protect privacy of students

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