What brought you to City Year and what roles have you had here?

I wanted to learn from the best in the game. In 2005, I moved from Milwaukee to Boston to be City Year’s National Recruitment Systems Manager. Eventually I became the National Recruitment Director, so I was in charge of admissions, building the profile of what a Corps member looks like, stuff like that. In 2008 I moved to DC and was the Deputy Director of Program and Service at City Year DC, where I worked with my first corps, many of whom I still stay in contact with. On my first day on the job in DC, they were talking about developing a City Year Milwaukee team and I asked if I could go. So, a year later, I moved back to Milwaukee as the Start Up Director and then became the Executive Director.

What do you love most about working for City Year?

The people. We tackle really tough situations and have good days and bad days, but the work is so rewarding with this group of people – here in Milwaukee and at Headquarters. We’re so close that about a quarter of people at my wedding were from City Year.

What didn’t you expect about working for City Year?

I didn’t think fundraising would be so fun! I get to build relationships with really interesting and influential people. Luckily, we have a wonderful Development Department that allows me to make these connections.

What’s your favorite PITW?

#62. Admit Mistakes Freely. I think it’s so wonderful that City Year fosters an environment where everyone can learn from their mistakes and not worry about being judged. There’s this great workplace culture of support and growth that encourages reflection and openness. Admitting where we make mistakes is integral to our work because it allows us to improve and collaborate freely.

Favorite food?

The Chuleta from Cempazuchi. It’s like a breaded fried pork chop with a mushroom cream sauce and sweet potatoes. Cempazuchi is the only place I’ll ever eat pork chops.

Favorite movie?

I have too many. Anchorman is my most quotable, Glory is my favorite war/historical movie, and I’m on a real comic book hero kick so Iron Man 3 is my favorite action movie.

Favorite TV show?

Game of Thrones

Favorite book?

The Invisible Man

Favorite artist/band?

They always shift, but right now it’s Andra Day.

Favorite place you’ve ever been?

Northern Spain

What’s your favorite “Milwaukee thing”?

The festivals. The diversity of our city is represented, not to mention the food.

What do people misunderstand about Milwaukee?

There’s so much to do here, you just have to put in a little effort. There’s such a diversity and variety of people and cultures that you can find something new whenever you want.

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