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At City Year Milwaukee, our AmeriCorps members are excited for a powerful year of service and are ready to make a positive impact in the schools we serve. Read on to learn what some of our AmeriCorps members are most excited for!  

  • “In my year of service, I look forward to enhancing my leadership skills, being a part of the achievements my team has with their students and collaborating with administration and staff to enchance the culture and climate of James Madison Academic Campus”. -Dia Vang, Team Leader 
  • “In my year of service, I look forward to growing relationships with my students.” - Nakiyah Singleton, AmeriCorps member 
  • “I am looking forward to making a difference in even one person’s life.” -Andrew Zuniga 
  • “I am excited for this year for several reasons. One big reason is that I value growing, developing and challenging myself as a person, and I feel this year is going to do just that. I am looking forward to applying the teachings of mentors and leaders I have had, as well as my reflections on leadership along with my style to continue my growth as a leader.’” -Kalyn Gackowski, Team Leader 
  • “During my year of service, I am looking forward to learning and growing as a person, but also seeing the small difference I will be making.” -Asalia Subia, AmeriCorps member  
  • “In my year of service, I look forward to making an impact in my students' lives.” Christopher Roberts, AmeriCorps member  
  • "I’m looking forward to seeing my students light up when they’re proud of their successes.” -Samantha DeLeon, AmeriCorps member  
  • "I'm hoping to build long-lasting relationships with my colleagues and students.” - Abdiel Arias-Villa, AmeriCorps member  
  • “I am excited to see our students achieve their goals. For me this means showing up every day and believing that we can all make a difference. I look forward to the positive energy that is released from accomplishing something challenging. I can't wait for one of my students to make a difference in my life.” - Elise Weiss, Senior AmeriCorps member  

Do you know a young person age 18-25 who is interested in helping students achieve their potential, while also growing as a leader? Encourage them to apply to serve with City Year Milwaukee today. Our next deadline is November 15th. 

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