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Written by Shantelle Sheppard, City Year AmeriCorps member of the United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County Team at the James Madison Academic Campus 

City Year planned an incentive breakfast for our 9th grade focus list students (those we work with in specific content areas) at James Madison Academic Campus (JMAC). Students were able to participate in the breakfast if they met the following criteria for the month of November:

  • having an attendance of 85% or above
  • staying and participating in the classroom
  • and being well behaved in class

Ms.PaChee, the attendance coordinator, debuted the roll-out of this event to the students. They were invited upstairs during breakfast time to indulge in bagels and juice from Einstein Bagels. Students were so excited when they saw five different cream cheese flavors - brown sugar, blueberry, mixed berry, strawberry, oh my!

There were a lot of students who would have made the list because of their strong attendance, but were unable to participate in the event due to their behavior. This event was a learning experience for those students and it helped them to understand one of my favorite phrases, “all your actions have a consequence, and if it is negative or positive, the choice is yours.” Those that did not make the list this time stated they would do better either by coming to school, staying in class, or not disturbing others in class. Also, students who participated in the event understood the importance of coming to school and that all their hard work and being an active learner is appreciated and rewarded.

Our next attendance event will be bigger and better (and we will be sure to let the students know they can use the toaster to heat their bagels) with the whole freshman class being able to participate if eligible.  We are hopeful that all freshman will be able to come and we will support them in reaching their goal!

Happy Holidays!

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