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Written by Peter Morrissey, City Year Milwaukee Team Leader on the Brewers Community Foundation Team at Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts.
Photo of 7th grade student who performed in Mims the Maid.

On November 17th and 18th, our school continued one of its greatest traditions, Dinner Theater at Roosevelt Middle School of the Arts.  This was the 34th annual Dinner Theater and it was a treat for everyone who attended.  Tickets were $10 per person and all the money raised went directly to Roosevelt Middle School.  The students who acted as the wait staff not only served dinner, but joked with audience members throughout the night.  The waiter that served the City Year table developed a City Year handshake that he taught to everyone making them laugh and feel welcomed.

The play performed this year was “And Then There Was One,” a thrilling murder mystery where ten guests are invited to a party and one by one they disappear.  There were over 20 City Year guests during the two nights, and every student involved did an amazing job.  I had the opportunity to interview one of the stars of the show, a 7th grader who is a well-known actress at our school.

Who was your character?

Mimms the Maid

What was your favorite part of Dinner Theater?

Not having to be in class.  My favorite scene was the end scene when everyone noticed there was one chocolate soldier left and all the characters turned on each other.

Were you nervous? How did you deal with that?

No, I’ve never been nervous when it comes to being on stage, especially when it’s a comedy because I love to make people laugh.  I’m more of a public person, I’ve done a lot of public speaking. 

Has acting always been a hobby of yours? Do you want to make a career out of it?

Yes, I first got into acting at the age of six. My first play was the “Three Little Pigs." Yes, acting is my first choice. If I don’t make it big I want to be a gastrointestinal surgeon.

Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Adam Sandler because he plays in lots of movies and he is funny. My favorite movie of his is The Cobbler.

She added at the end:

Personally, I think I am nailing this interview.

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