It's 7:10 A.M, and I'm greeted by the pink sunrise and sea of red as I pull into the parking lot of Clarke Street School. We begin the day with joys, appreciations, and ripples in first circle, and then my fellow teammates and I line up to power greet the students. After a few high fives and "G-o-o-d M-o-r-n-i-n-g" chants, we head into the school building.

Reading intervention is the first class of the day for my 6th grade students, so I head to the library to prep for my reading session. Today I am challenging my scholars by reading an article about how different charities are helping to build schools in rural areas of Africa. Ms. PIlon, my partner teacher, has been teaching the students about context clues, and I am excited for my group to apply their prior knowledge to our session. Our 35-minute intervention time seems to always fly by and soon it’s time to rejoin the rest of the class. 

By 8:30 am, the students are beginning their next class, Reading. I provide in-class academic and student engagement support while Ms. Pilon delivers instruction. Soon after it’s time for my prep period. During this time, I gather materials and review my session plan for the afternoon. I also like to stop by the City Year room to check in with my Team Leader, Impact Manager, and teammates. 

By 10:30 am, I am back in the classroom for Math. The students are discussing ratios and proportions. I provide whole class support and “Pull-in Sessions” with students who are not on my focus list but who need extra guidance on their work. After math, the students head to Exploratory, or free period, and then to the cafeteria for lunch.

Two hours later, it's time for Math Intervention. My sixth graders love to watch the educational rap videos by Flocabulary, so today I am using the “Ratio Rap” as a warm-up. We practice reducing ratios using different props and use a worksheet to apply the knowledge. Since we finished the session early, I allow the students to play a five minute game of “Mathketball”, where they must answer a math problem before shooting the ball into the hoop. 

By 1:00 pm, I walk the students back to class and grab my lunch from the teachers lounge. As I eat lunch, I discuss my day with teammates and begin to prep for tomorrow’s reading session. Soon after that, I head to the gym to provide in-class support to the gym teacher as he instructs my students on the importance of being active on a daily basis. As the day winds down, I walk students to their buses or families and head back to the classroom to discuss the day with my partner teacher.

At 3:00 pm, my team and I head to the Community Learning Center, where we provide homework assistance and individualized support. Today, I am working with two fifth graders on their science work. Once homework is complete, students have the option to engage in different enrichment programs, where we also provide support.

Final circle is at 5:15 pm, and the Clarke Street School Team gathers outside the backdoor to end our day. After we debrief, we always end our day with a “spirit break.”  Before we say our goodbyes and head home to rest up for tomorrow, we put our hands together and yell “C-Y-M-K-E, Great Day, Woo!”

By: Brittiney Turner, City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps Member at Clarke Street School

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