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9- The number of City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps members serving on the Dr. George Washington Carver Academy of Math and Science team. 

13 -The number of weeks that Carver will be running small group, tutoring sessions with our scholars! 

2-The number of third grade teachers who are supported by corps members at Carver.  

42- The number of times the Carver team has ordered from Jimmy Johns since the start of the year. 

400+ -The total number of scholars attending Carver Academy 

1-The number of miles that Student Success Coach, Alex, walks to Carver every day. 

3- The number of Carver corps members who play an instrument. 

8- The number of decorated, bulletin boards that are in the Carver City Year room.  

6- The number of City Year Milwaukee alumni that work at Caver.  

1-The number of miles you will walk to get from Carver to Rufus King International Middle School.  

12- The number of mid-year AmeriCorps members that have joined City Year Milwaukee. 

Article Written by Candace Mckenzie, Student Success Coach on the Dr. George Washingon Carver Academy of Math and Science team

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