Meet Deon Sahr, a City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps member proudly serving on the M&I Foundation team at Hopkins Lloyd Community School.  

Classroom: 7th Grade  

I serve because... as a kid I had no one to turn to when I got bullied and harassed. When I started to show my struggle, there was a City Year corps member who pulled me to the side and worked to help me find an outlet. There are students who go through a daily struggle with no one to turn to, so I serve to build a bridge and help students find their outlet. 

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI. 

Favorite City Year value: is service to a cause greater than self 

Why did you choose to serve with City Year?: I had City Year in the school I attended in Arkansas from 3-5th grade. Ever since 4th grade I knew I wanted to do City Year and when I returned to Wisconsin for my senior year of high school at Bradley Tech, my guidance counselor recommended I apply.  

Why Milwaukee?: I serve in Milwaukee because I want to make a difference in the city I was born in. I can already see the difference I am making and that continues to motivate me every day. 

How do you know you are making a difference?: A reading corps member shared that he overheard one of the students I work closely with say “I want to be a City Year just like Deon.” I know I am a role model. Since I am young and just out of high school, I can be like a brother to the students and balance fun with work. 

Why do you come to work every day?:  Every day is rewarding. I know I can help my students and I know they are motivated to do the work. I enjoy all the relationships that I build with my students. One student in particular *Tony was very energetic in the classroom. Sometimes this energy resulted in disrupting the class and being argumentative. Over the past few months, I have been working with Tony on his social emotional skills all while supporting him with English Language Arts. Over time I have realized that Tony is calmer and even works to help out his classmates. I also enjoy working with my partner teacher. We leverage each other to help our students achieve the goals we set for them!  

After this year? I am considering doing a second year of service with City Year and then going to college. I want to study music and production because I have always had a passion for this. After college, I want to share this passion with students and young people.

To learn more about participating in a year of national service with City Year, click here. 

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