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"At City Year, we pledge to "celebrate the diversity of people, ideas and cultures around me." By celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month (and other months), we recognize that while we are all human beings, we have beautifully unique experiences that influence our identities and how we move through our lives. We recognize the value in our differences and make space to appreciate diversity." -Adriana Salgado-Santiago, Impact Director 

At City Year, AmeriCorps members and staff pledge to celebrate the diversity of people, ideas and cultures. During Hispanic Heritage Month, AmeriCorps members, staff and students spent time reflecting on the importance of celebrating Hispanic Heritage month, and participated in different activities to learn more about Hispanic Heritage.   

How did students celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?  

At Rogers Street Academy, 6th and 7th grade bilingual classes recently worked on projects to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Both classes researched various Spanish-speaking countries, drew the country's flag and then decorated their work to be displayed in their school.  
The 6th grade bilingual class worked in teams of five students and researched two Spanish-speaking countries. They searched for information that included the country's capital, currency, celebrations, foods, tourist destinations and countries along their border. Students were also instructed to create a drawing that represented something interesting or unique about that country. 
The library at Rogers Street Academy also dedicated a table to different Hispanic cultures.  

Students at Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts School also celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month. The 4th grade bilingual classroom took a field trip to Milwaukee VA Medical Center to present their favorite famous Hispanic idol for Hispanic Heritage Month. For the past month, they spent hours exploring and learning information about the person they chose to research. They learned how to research valid information using proper websites. They also created posters and drew a timeline of their life.  

Once the students were done and ready to present, they went over to the VA Medical Center and presented their projects to the veterans. The students felt so powerful presenting and talking about their culture to others. 

"I think it is very important for us to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month not only to show our support for our Latinx students, but to also show support to our community." -Fernie Torres, Senior AmeriCorps member 

Article written by Senior AmeriCorps member, Fernie Torres, Impact Director, Adriana Santiago-Salgado and AmeriCorps members Calena Harris and Anna Fierek

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