Written by Jamal Perry on the Casimir Pulaski High School Team.

At Pulaski, our City Year team nominates and votes on a "Student of the Month."  We select students for their excellence in academics, behavior, and attendance.  Our "Student of the Month" for November is such a wonderful person and was so happy to be honored, we wanted to share her enthusiasm with you!  Luz* is passionate about her academics, and sees the value of having City Year's guidance.  She always asks our team to review her work and point out where she can improve. She is such a joy to work with and a delight to mentor. 

We interviewed Luz for this spotlight!

Question: Would you rather go 30 days without your phone or five years without dessert?
Luz - "Five years without dessert." *I almost fainted upon hearing this.*

Question:  Where is the one place you want to travel to?
Luz - "California"

Question:  If you got stuck in an elevator and were forced to listen to only one song, what would it be?
Luz -*Pause* *Pause* *Pause* "I don’t know." *Pause* "I mean, I like Drake."

Question: What are three things you are passionate about?
Luz -"Being a surgeon, school, and food."

Luz is driven by her goal to be a surgeon.  She is a motivated humble student, when she found out she won the "Student of the Month" award she whispered, “Wow, I feel so famous," and flashed her characteristic warming smile of light.  We all admire Luz for her work ethic and the way she seamlessly blends new and old friends into her life. We are excited to see how Luz continues to grow in the coming months and are thankful to have her as a part of the Pulaski community.
 *Student name changed to protect privacy.

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