In my opinion, belief in the power of young people is the most important City Year value. Young people are born with creativity, curiosity, and a desire to learn. In many (unintentional) ways, as children grow, we silence them, we prohibit them from taking risks, and then we get frustrated when they aren’t as motivated or inspired as they used to be. However, each day the corps members on my team display their belief in the power of young people in a variety of ways.
Belief in the Power of Young People is:
1.     Ms. Faith having a conversation with one of our teachers about giving positive praise just as much as (if not more than) pointing out negative behaviors.
2.     Ms. Guin giving one of her math focus list students a choice during his math interventions because she knows that he will learn better if he is given options.
3.     Ms. Nicky successfully teaching their students all about fractions despite some insisting that they were not ready for fractions yet.
4.     Ms. Alexis doing check in, check outs with a student who isn’t on her Social Emotional Learning focus list because she knows that he could use that extra space to express himself and talk through his issues.
5.     Ms. Lucy going out of her way to rent books from the library for students and constantly doing research on how to redirect students in effective and positive ways.
6.     Mr. Peary continuously providing a space for students to learn about science because they are not exposed to science throughout their regular school day.
7.     Mr. Abe always asking for advice on how to better engage students in sessions so that they are learning in ways that are beneficial for them.
8.     Mr. Chris taking less prep time throughout the day in order to support his students and provide extra one-on-one time with students who aren’t on his focus lists.

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