It's that time of year!!! That time for Christmas carols and jingle bells... oh so swell! So get ready for 5 fun things to do during the Winter in Milwaukee. 

1. Sledding 

Sledding in Milwaukee is one of the best things (and cheap) to do! You have a wide range of parks to pick from! Consider visiting Currie Park or Humboldt Park and taking a sled to the snow. This is always a family holiday favorite for me. 

2. The Milwaukee Bucks 

If your looking for a grade 'A' performance when it comes to entertainment, then you'll love the Milwaukee Bucks. Marking at #2 in the Eastern Conference with a 13-4 record. The team is definitely a must see for the winter. 

3. Rock Climbing 

If you want a more extreme adventure than sledding, I recommend taking your skills to the rock climbing wall. Milwaukee has a nice variety of rock climbing locations which include 'Adventure Rock' and 'Solow Bouldering Club.' 

4. Milwaukee Art Museum 

Take some time to slow things down a bit and visit the great Milwaukee Art Museum. Built in the 1800's, this museum is one of the city’s greatest attractions... from viewing incredible art, to tours, to WEDDINGS! You can spend a chilly day looking at beautiful art and peek your head in for some of the amazing events that are held at the museum. 

5. Visit Downtown Milwaukee Restaurants 

Milwaukee also has a wide variety a restaurants to choose from. If you're feeling up to par to eat at a restaurant of spies, then I'd say look no further than the Safe House! Want to keep the Christmas Spirit? You might want to check out Mader's Restaurant. 

Article written by Deon Sahr, Student Success Coach on the M&I Foundation Team at Hopkins Lloyd Community School  

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