Written by City Year Milwaukee AmeriCorps Member, Laura Kirtley.

When asked if City Year was important, Dayjianay* responded: “Yes! Without City Year, we wouldn’t learn as much, and we would be acting bad!” This bubbly, outgoing 4th grade student  loves having City Year in her school.  Her favorite subject is math because “once you learn something you get to use it in other math,” but she enjoys going to her literacy small group tutoring because she “get[s] to learn a lot of new stuff you don’t learn in the classroom.” Dayjianay has started applying summarizing strategies learned in our tutoring sessions to her class work and independent reading in order to improve her reading comprehension.

Though Ms. Laura and Mr. Tom are her favorite City Years this year, Dayjianay likes getting to know all the City Years during extended learning time.  Her favorite parts of extended learning time are playing games that allow her to burn off some energy and having City Years help her get all of her homework done. She loves that the “City Years are always nice and help you when you need something.”  Of Dayjianay, the City Year team says, “there is never a dull day working with her.”  Developing relationships with the corps members in the building has helped her look forward to coming to school and Dayjianay says that her favorite thing about her school is that she feels safe.  Dayjianay also had some parting advice for potential City Year corps members: “Do City Year and protect and teach your students!”

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