Joe Staszak
  • Recruitment Director


City Year Greater Philadelphia 01-02 & 02-03

Why I Recruit: I recruit because “I want it to be better for the kids coming up than it was for me.”

Fun Fact: My son is a big Diary of Wimpy Kid fan. He has read all the books, and watched all the movies. He’s a big fan.

Advice: Call me! Seriously. Peruse our collateral, browse our website, read our blogs, jot down questions, visit our office, and give me a call.

Dawn Lastowka
  • Recruitment Manager


Why I Recruit: I want to help Corps Members build meaningful and transformational relationships with the students they serve.

Fun Fact: I had perfect attendance from 1st-12th grade.

Advice: City Year is more than just the tutoring and mentoring aspect of service. A year with City Year may lead you to your next career opportunity.

Ashlee Fletcher
  • Regional Recruitment Manager


Philadelphia- '09-'10 & '10-'11; Orlando Start-Up- '12

Why I Recruit: I serve to give others the opportuities to learn and grow.

Fun Fact: I own almost 100 Kung Fu movies.

Advice: Seek to move out of your comfort zone and into your challenge zone!


Richard Reese
  • Recruitment Coordinator 

City Year San Antonio 13-14 & 14-15

Why I Serve: I serve because I believe that education is attainable for all if you guide and support students to reach their goals.

Fun Fact: I am 1 of 13 kid all by same mom and dad! 

Advice: Ask all the questions you have and remember that a year of service will impact your life and the kids lives you serve.