A Winter Carnival took place on December 3rd in the BTW cafeteria. Almost 150 students and community members gathered to bring in the winter season with Math and ELA games. About a month and a half before, our team began a collective effort to shape the event into something that students would want to come to. Convincing students to spend their time afterschool playing Math and ELA games seemed difficult at first be we found several strategies that resulted in a great turn out!

We are so grateful to have a supportive staff here at BTW, many teachers offered extra credit to their students for attending this event. Another big attraction was the promise to allow our students to “Pie-A-City-Year” .What our students didn’t know at the time was that they would need to recite 9 digits of Pi with no notes to earn a pie.

We were also able to secure 2 tickets to the Miami Heat and a dunk tank as an incentive to come to the event. Similarly to “Pie-A-City-Year”, students had to play various Math and ELA games to win tickets, each student then decided how many tickets they put towards the raffle and how many they used at the dunk tank.

Our students seemed to really enjoy all aspects of our carnival Some students spent a long time in front of the selfie-station, while others found games they were excelled at, such as the Bean Bag: Coordinate-Plane Toss, and earned tickets for the dunk tank and raffle.

Mr. Lewis and Mr. Roesch were our brave volunteers who entered the dunk tank. Students and staff had a difficult time at first, but alas both Mr. Lewis and Mr. Roesch were dunked several times. We think it is safe to assume that many students memorized Pi because several came back 3 or 4 times to pie their favorite ACMs.

This event could not have been successful without the support of the school staff and community members. Our team is especially grateful for the volunteers from other school teams that gave up their time to come and help us with this event. 


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