When TLs and PMs told me that these ten months would fly by, I didn’t really believe them. Now, I can totally see what they mean. It feels like just yesterday that we were starting BTA, all fresh-faced and grumbling about waking up at six in the morning. Now, waking up at six is a luxury, and the stuff I learned in BTA is what I’m putting into practice with my kids, my teachers, my team, and my school at large.

I feel like I’ve finally settled into a routine at Miami Carol City Senior. The massive web of school buildings no longer intimidates me, and the hordes of children who spill into the hallways between periods no longer make me want to dart into the nearest classroom to hide. I feel as though I’ve become a part of this school. I can’t seem to walk anywhere without seeing a student or faculty member that I know and want to check in with.

More than anything, I’ve enjoyed being able to connect with a large percentage of the ninth grade class. While I haven’t particularly liked being moved from class to class, the silver lining is definitely the fact that I now know a huge number of kids. A security guard even shook his head at me one day as I stuck my head out of class to tell another student to go to his class down the hall. “You and your babies,” he said, and I could only laugh. Somewhere between August and December I seem to have adopted over one hundred kids!

While I’m most definitely excited for this upcoming break, (Home! Family! Pets!) I also know that I’m going to miss my students. I’m looking forward to what the next five months have in store. I know my relationships with them will only continue to grow and develop, and I’m excited to see where that leads.
By: Alana Crater

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