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When you support City Year, we’ll use your help to put more AmeriCorps members into more schools nationwide – which helps more students and schools succeed. By 2023, we aspire to serve 1 million students per day, in over 1,200 schools nationwide, something that's only possible with the continued support of our donors and partners.

City Year Memphis partners with community champions, school partners, and financial sponsors who believe in the ability of City Year AmeriCorps members to make a difference in the lives of Memphis City students. 

Founding Partners

  • AmeriCorps/ Volunteer Tennessee Service Commission
  • CSX Corporation
  • Lamar Advertising
  • Memphis Education Fund
  • Starbucks
  • FedEx
  • Comcast & RedNose Day


School Partners

  • Brownsville Road Elementary School (Shelby County School District)
  • Westside Middle School (Achievement School District)
  • Memphis Scholars Caldwell Guthrie Elementary School (Achievement School District)
  • Power Center Academy Middle & High School (Shelby County School District)
  • KIPP Memphis Collegiate Elementary & Middle School (Shelby County School District)
  • Humes Preparatory Academy Middle (Achievement School District)