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Humes House!

December is here and it seems as though November flew by! Our break has come to an end and the Humes team is thankful for the privilege of being the first team to serve the Humes Preparatory Middle School community. We are excited to return to school and end quarter two with a bang! It’s feels like just yesterday this founding partnership was planting the seeds to what is now sprouting into a great school year. What has been key to our success has been the embodiment of the HMS core values. Daily we exemplify the D.R.I.V.E principles:

Discipline comes by waking up early every morning and showing up to school with spirit and optimism. We meet faithfully around 7:30 am to check-in and head outside to greet our students with powerful chants that get their day going. The purpose of the greeting is to set the tone for the day. No matter how tired or cold, the students expect to see our red jackets and hear our cheerful voices. 

Respect by collaborating with school staff and teachers in the classrooms we support. Currently corps members are working toward beginning their very first small group tutoring sessions. We ask teachers their input on who they feel would best benefit from our intervention support. Over the course of this month corps members met up with students to discuss and let them reflect upon their report cards in efforts to help them improve for the following quarter (Q2). This is how we foster a functioning and healthy school environment for our students.

Integrity is how corps members remain true to our City Year values. City Year’s core values are important above all else. Our corps members do a great job of aligning the school’s values with our very own. As mentors, our 6th-8th grade students look up to us and need positive role models to guide their behavior.

Vision’s are brought to life as the Humes Team comes together and brainstorms initiatives that boost attendance, academic excellence, and positive behavior. Since the start of the school year corps members have put on three school-wide initiatives with many more to come. We recently hosted an open mic hour inviting students to showcase their writing skills during national novel writing month (November). This gave students an outlet to express themselves in ways they normally wouldn’t.

Effort is undoubtedly given each day. But especially in the afterschool program where it matters most. After the school day is done corps members have a space where they can get to know scholars on a more personal level. It’s the extra effort at the end of the day in which students appreciate whole-heartedly. Currently, there are about 15 students who attend on average-- which makes it a great time for corps members to get to know students they don’t normally work with. With that in mind we hope to see numbers rise soon.

To say the least this has been a busy start at HMS. But we are more than confident that the Humes community will continue to motivate us through the school year and push students to success.  


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