Powerful Results 

Our AmeriCorps members serve students in 32 Los Angeles schools using our Whole School, Whole Child model. Along the way, we measure our success. Here are recent results:

Accelerated Academic Progress

62% of middle and high school students who received intensive support from a City Year AmeriCorps member ended the year with a “C” or better in English Language Arts.

14 added instructional days in total extra tutoring time were received by students who consistently worked with City Year during school and in our after-school program.

Strengthened Students' Social-Emotional Skills

55% of 9th and 10th grade students improved their self-control in the classroom.

More Role Models for Students

98% of principals agreed that City Year AmeriCorps members serve as positive role models.

92% of teachers agreed that City Year AmeriCorps members helped foster a positive learning environment.

Building a Better Los Angeles

1,725  is the average number of hours each AmeriCorps member spent in service.

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