"Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction." — John F. Kennedy

At the start of a "City Year," our corps and staff are asked to craft what we call "Why I Serve" statements. These statements serve as personal reminders as to why we are so motivated to do the work that we do. These statements are as diverse as our corps itself, but as different as they are, they all share the same purpose: to reaffirm a committment to make better happen.

We are proud to share "Why I Serve" statements from Jessica Gregory and Imantha Ambrose 

Jessica Gregory is a Sonoma State University alum from Fairfield, CA. She currently serves in Watts at 109th St. Elementary School as part of the L.A. Clippers team. 

Imantha Ambrose is a pre-medical student and graduate from the University of Riverside, CA. She currently serves in Westlake as part of the Belmont High School team. 

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