Chanelle Green is a Los Angeles native proudly serving at Mendez High School in Boyle Heights. This University of California, Irvine alum is passionate about equal opportunities for students and literature. Check out what she shared about her favorite pastime.  

1.    First book I read: Charlotte’s Web
2.    All-Time Favorite Book: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
3.    Literary character I identify with the most: Hermione Granger because she did not change herself to fit in with everyone. She used her intelligence to make a place for herself in Hogwarts. She showed me that being smart can be empowering and that your peers should embrace it. Lastly, that everyone has opportunity to grow. Hermione grew as an individual, student and friend, while not losing herself in the process.
4.    If I could live in any literary universe, I would choose: The Wizarding World because who wouldn’t love to be in a universe where magic was possible?
5.    My favorite writer: Sarah Dessen
6.    My favorite literary quote:

7.    The best thing about reading: I am able to use my imagination as I read and immerse myself within that world. 

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