By Audrey Waln, AmeriCorps member, Carver Middle School

Helena Lisle has been a sixth-grade teacher for many years at Carver Middle School. Saying her name rhymes with smile and suitably so — since the very first day she introduced herself to us, she has always been a positive spirit. Mrs. Lisle continually champions the work of City Year AmeriCorps members and has welcomed us into her classroom with open arms.     

Q: Since this is City Year's first year at Carver Middle School, what positive change has this brought to campus?

A: There has been so many changes.  Your enthusiasm, exuberance, and patience with extremely difficult students has made an incredible impact. The family atmosphere that City Year creates amongst themselves and the students is infectious and necessary for our campus.  It creates a nurturing atmosphere, at a very deep level.


Q: Why is City Year meaningful to you?

A: City Year is meaningful to me because students require such care, that we as teachers cannot provide alone.  With City Year, collaboration is critical. We [partner teachers] are a team, we work together.

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