This year, City Year Los Angeles is implementing a STEM pilot in our after school space in order to enrich student knowledge of concepts essential to a well-rounded education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The program, called “Globaloria,” allows students to select which subsection of the STEM field interests them, and then complete independent, self-guided learning by using actual technology. Globaloria ensures students are learning real-world concepts by testing students in real ways. Through Globaloria’s platform students will write their own code, create their own video games, and design their own independent learning tracks. All along the way, City Year AmeriCorps members will be there to guide students through learning these complicated processes. In addition, each pilot school will have a trained professional on site, ready to help students as they navigate their way through their learning.

Today there are more than half a million unfilled STEM jobs in information technology, reinforcing the idea that computer science, in particular, has become a basic requirement for 21st century jobs.— STEM Depiction Opportunities, whitehouse.gov


Even as demand for STEM skills is increasing, many students in high-poverty neighborhoods – particularly girls and children of color – do not receive adequate STEM learning opportunities during the school day. The number of black and Hispanic students interested in STEM fields has decreased in the last decade, and some researchers believe this may be linked to a lack of access to learning opportunities and insufficient strategic engagement of these student groups. City Year is dedicated to ensuring that the students we serve receive rich educational experiences during the school day and through high-quality after-school programs.

"We're so happy to be able to partner with City Year as they're working to make STEM opportunities for our students even more tangible."— Dr. Kristen McGregor, Principal, Belmont High School


To make our local STEM curriculum as successful as possible and to ensure our students are growing up strong and confident in science, technology, engineering, and math, we need the support of our Los Angeles corporate partners. Working with our school leaders, together we can help prepare Los Angeles students for the increasingly complex and competitive global economy.

For more information about getting involved, please contact:

Julia Connolly
Senior Business Development Director
213-596-5907 or jconnolly@cityyear.org

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