Jon "Newy" Neuhaus has had a long and impressive history with City Year. Jon caught the City Year bug when he served in Boston in 1991 during the early years of the organization and later, as a graduate student, he helped establish both the City Year Chicago and San Jose/Silicon Valley sites. With two successful site launches under his belt, Jon set his sights westward and helped bring City Year to Los Angeles in 2007 where he currently serves on City Year Los Angeles’ Associates Board and as the site’s Red Jacket Society Chair. Professionally, Jon is a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley. 

In a string of many firsts with City Year, this past November Jon became the first City Year alumnus to become a Platinum-level member of the Red Jacket Society. And this year, he continued that tradition of “firsts” by becoming the only City Year alumnus to individually sponsor a team of City Year AmeriCorps members.

We sat down with Jon to talk about his passion for national service and for helping students reach their full potential.

Why is investing in education important to you?

I come from a middle-class family – my mother was a teacher and my father was a minister – and many of my educational opportunities were made possible by the generosity of others, including scholarships. Extending the opportunity for others to serve is vital - for the AmeriCorps members who dedicate a year of their lives, for the students, schools and communities City Year serves, and for the entire country as we help to develop the next generation of civic-minded leaders.

What inspires you to stay connected to City Year, over 25 years after you served in Boston?

City Year’s core mission -- of inspiring and helping young people, and helping mend society’s fabric -- remains as central as it was 27 years ago. I saw this in-person yet again while attending the recent Red Jacket Society Leadership Conference. When I served in 1990-1991, City Year was still something of an experiment. Today, it is a movement.

Why have you decided to invest in City Year as a member of the Red Jacket Society, and now as the first alumnus to become an individual Team Sponsor?

Because City Year has been so inspirational to me, because I believe in its mission to help others, and because educating our young people is empowering, I was humbled to make a donation that will result in a team serving in a school in Los Angeles.

If we can successfully bring in and support 10,000 City Year AmeriCorps members through the Red Jacket Society, think of the lives touched and changed forever and the ripples these opportunities will create in high-need schools and communities across the country. That goal is both compelling and immeasurable. As a City Year alumnus, I know first-hand how critically important national service is, and it’s a privilege to be a part of City Year’s next chapter.

We celebrate Jon’s powerful commitment and alumni from all service years who are making a measurable impact beyond their years of City Year service. Learn more about how City Year alumni are taking the “leaders for life” to heart and investing in student success.

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