Appreciation for our AmeriCorps members runs deep and is shared by all members of our community – especially our board! AmeriCorps Appreciation Month lived on last week as the City Year Los Angeles Board joined forces to treat the entire corps – nearly 300 AmeriCorps members – to lunch at the gorgeous Liaison Restaurant  + Lounge in Hollywood.

A special thank you to board members in attendance including Ben Goldhirsh, Hannah Minghella, Giselle Fernandez, Marlene Canter, JD Heyman, Larry Flax, Mattie McFadden-Lawson, Michelle Sobrino-Stearns, and David Shaheen.

Ben Goldhirsh, City Year L.A. co-founder, thanked the corps for their work, “I wish I could take credit for this...you are the ones who do all the work.”

AmeriCorps members also enjoyed hearing from Giselle Fernandez who shared advice and encouragement from her own journey.  “I really enjoyed my conversation with Giselle! It was wonderful to discuss the reasons why we do the work we do—so that every person can be seen. Huge appreciation to her purpose and passion,” said Kimberly Wang, AmeriCorps Member, New Open World Academy.

Lunch concluded with a trivia game, where AmeriCorps members asked board members questions to test their knowledge of Los Angeles, pop culture, and about their fellow board members.


We are deeply grateful to our board for everything they do to support our service and our corps! Want to know more about our board? See the full list here.

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