International Pi Day started in 1988 (just like City Year!) and our Los Angeles corps dove head-first into creating engaging math activities with their students. From Watts to Boyle Heights, AmeriCorps members crafted ways for students to have fun with Pi. Judging from all the smiling faces we rounded up on Instagram (#CYPiDay), we can say these students had a blast having Pi Day (and eating it too!)

HSBC, one of the world’s largest banking and financial services leaders, has announced a three-year $1.5 commitment to City Year. Locally, HSBC is sponsoring a team of AmeriCorps members at Virgil Middle School, who are serving as near-peer mentors and role models to keep students in school and on track for college and careers. 

On Monday, HSBC and Virgil Middle celebrated Pi Day together with a Pizza Pie Party. Pi (3.14) is the most widely known mathematical constant and AmeriCorps members represent a constant to the students they work with. 


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