This week, The Civil Rights Data Collection survey was made available and the numbers were staggering. (You can find that article here.) 

NPR's Education Team defined it as "a rare and remarkable view into America's public schools and the challenges that continue some 60 years after Brown v. Board of Education." The statistics confirm a truth many of our AmeriCorps members witness in their daily service: students of color face a disproportionate amount of barriers preventing them from educational equity.

At the start of the year, our corps and staff are asked to craft what we call "Why I Serve" statements. These statements serve as personal reminders as to why we are so motivated to serve as tutors, attendance monitors, and behavior coaches.

These statements are as diverse as our corps itself, but as different as they are, they all share the same purpose: to reaffirm a commitment to make better happen.

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Helena Lisle is a first-year partner teacher at Carver Middle School in South L.A.

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