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For 364 days a year, Brad Drummond is the Chief Operating Officer of Aramark’s Uniform and Refreshment Services and proud board member for City Year Los Angeles. However, for one day a year, Brad trades his suit for a pair of khakis and a yellow bomber jacket* and serves alongside City Year AmeriCorps members in a school.

*Fun fact: Aramark is the supplier of our signature yellow jackets!

This year, Brad joined the City Year team serving John Muir Middle School in South Los Angeles. Showing up bright and early in his uniform, Brad didn’t just talk the talk. From first circle (7:15AM) to final circle (5:45PM), Brad engaged in a range of everyday service activities.

For the students of John Muir Middle School, seeing someone of Brad’s stature dedicate a full day of his busy schedule to help them with classwork, and connect with them individually about their challenges and goals sends a message that they are important. In a similar vein, Brad’s presence also had a profound affect on our AmeriCorps members. Check out what some of his fellow AmeriCorps members had to say about what his visit meant to them:

Power Greeting

"I feel it is important for the head of one of our sponsoring partners to visit our schools so they see what the students struggle with." -Juliette Sierra, First Year AmeriCorps member

Math Class

"The value of having someone like Brad participate in a day like this is to gain some insight on what it's like to be an AmeriCorps member as well as seeing first-hand not only what we experience, but what the reality is for our students. It really changes your perspective on these issues and that is important for someone like Brad, who partners with us, to see." - Jennifer Camacho, First Year AmeriCorps member

Tour of School "I had a conversation with Brad about what my goals are after City Year and why. He told me his opinions on the field and gave insight. He also asked about my reasons for joining City Year and where I attended college. He also told me more about his background, college, and military experiences. The benefit of having Brad at Muir was to gain perspective of a partner's opinion and thoughts on the work we are doing. We also got a chance to understand his interest." -Don'te Franklin, First Year AmeriCorps member
Individualized Lesson Plan

"Brad was observing me with [Muir Program Manager] Ariel when I pulled students out for an individualized session plan. It's important for people like him who are on the board to really experience what AmeriCorps member's do everyday. That way they see how much work we do each day, how much we invest in our students and how challenging our jobs can be." - Yulissa Lopez, Second Year AmeriCorps member

Lunch w/ AmeriCorps members

"The conversation that I had with Brad was wonderful. He encouraged me to stay strong, and keep going, and also commended us on our hard work." -Kadiatu Jabbie, First Year AmeriCorps member

"I really appreciated Brad coming to our school and sharing career advice and his experiences in working with City Year." -Griffin Ong, First Year AmeriCorps member


English Class "Brad observed my 5th period ELD, 8th grade class. He seemed concerned about the environment and the students were in and the inability for the teacher to instill motivation in all of the students. He said that our work is powerful in that sense." - Guadalupe Morales, Team Leader
After School Program (Extended Learning Time) "Having Brad and other corporate partners or executives of City Year visit us helps our team feel connected to the people working above us. It's comforting that they see our hard work, challenges, and successes in person and we can be confident in their continued support." -Kelsie 'Leary, First Year AmeriCorps member




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