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With the support of DIRECTV, City Year Los Angeles conducted math training and development to all 288 AmeriCorps members serving during the 2014-15 school year. The specialized support ensured corps members were equipped to help high-need elementary, middle and high school students get back on track after falling dramatically behind in math.

Here we highlight the 5 winners of DIRECTV’s Math Achievement Award who were selected based on their impressive impact on their students’ math performance. 

And the prize? A free one-year subscription to DIRECTV!

Humberto Merino-Hernandez served at Stevenson Middle School
One creative thing I did with my math students was: teaching my students about the binary system that guides the circuits inside their mobile devices. This fun lesson made up of only zeroes and ones helped them realize the endless possibilities and applications of math in the real world.

Roberto Ramos served at Jefferson High School
One technique City Year taught me to help with math was: using storytelling about my own experiences with math to help students who lack confidence. Also, using students who were a bit more advanced to teach others within our group.

Jessica Castaneda served at Gompers Middle School
Our team’s math coordinator helped me by: utilizing the math workbooks to create lessons plans that focused on the standards my students need to achieve.

Salvador Robles served at John Liechty Middle School
The hardest thing about helping my students with math was: catching them up on foundation skills from elementary school, such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing multi-digit numbers. This challenged me to be creative in simplifying lesson plans to their most basic and incorporate fun math games to help them retain simple math skills. It also taught me to have incredible patience.  

Tyvonna Johnson served at 109th Street Elementary School
As a student-athlete in college, my favorite thing about working with math this year was the way I incorporated sports, such as basketball, to keep my students’ attentive while exploring data collection and using bar graphs.

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