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City Year has a Long-Term Impact strategy to significantly increase the number of students in school and on track to graduation, prepared for college and career success. Partnering with high-need schools across the U.S., we seek to ensure that more students are reaching the 10th grade on track, making them three times more likely to graduate.

The Graduation Landscape

Off-Track Students

In 2012, the estimated on-track rate for students we serve was just 44 percent.

Concentration of Dropouts

In City Year communities, less than 25 percent of schools generate half of the city's dropouts. This concentration enables City Year to have an outsized impact on increasing the graduation pipeline in the cities we serve.

Cities with Great Need

The highest-impact expansion strategy for City Year would result in the organization serving a total of 34 to 38 markets that account for two-thirds of the nation's urban dropouts.

Long-Term Impact Goals

3,000 AmeriCorps members


Eighty percent of students in City Year schools will reach the 10th grade on track to high school graduation.

3,000 AmeriCorps members


City Year will reach 50 percent of off-track students in the communities we serve.

3,000 AmeriCorps members


City Year will serve in the cities that account for two-thirds of the nation's urban dropouts.


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