¡Hola City Year alternate applicants!

My name is Chelsea Gibbs and I am a City Year AmeriCorps member serving at the Sarah Greenwood Dual Language K-8 School in Dorchester, Boston. I proudly serve in a 5th grade English classroom. Like each of you, I was originally offered an alternate position with City Year. I wanted to share my experience, insight and some advice with you as you patiently remain on the alternate list. 

During my senior year of college a family friend introduced me to City Year and I was immediately drawn to their mission. I decided to apply to the Boston site for the April deadline and found myself anxiously waiting until June for a decision. Upon receiving my admissions decision email, I was ecstatic to see that I was qualified for a position as an AmeriCorps Member, yet somehow, had been placed on the alternate list. I remember being overcome with disappointment. I was grateful to have been selected, yet doubtful that a spot would open up in time this late in the summer. 

While being an alternate was a setback, I was determined not to give up. I decided I would do whatever I could to learn about my options. I reached out to the admissions site point and inquired about other possible sites where I could be placed. I travelled to City Year Headquarters in Boston and had a wonderful conversation with the site point. We discussed all the sites in the Northeast region, their similarities and differences, and what I could expect from each site. After much thought, I decided to remain on Boston’s alternate list. It was the middle of July when I received the exciting news that a spot opened up for me in Boston!

My advice to you while you wait is to be persistent, proactive, and flexible. Reach out to an admissions site point; learn about other sites and let them learn about you! By communicating and showing interest you can actively show your passion and dedication — qualities highly valued at City Year. I wish you the best of luck in your future and hope my experience can leave you with a dose of encouragement. 


Chelsea Gibbs

AmeriCorps Member

City Year Boston