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Balancing Service with Self Care

Balancing Service with Self Care

Being passionate about your work, especially that of a City Year AmeriCorps member, can leave little time for yourself. Research shows that taking care of your health and well-being are important, and it allows you to bring your best self into work every day by making you more productive, boosting your immune system and more. Read our self-care tips.

Reading with City Year

Free Audiobooks, Books, Games and Movies

Reading and watching movies are two of our favorite ways to recharge our batteries. There's just one problem: it can be expensive. Thankfully, there are a number of resources and apps to help you minimize your out of pocket spend on games, movies and books. Continue reading.

Rest and Relaxation

Rest and Relaxation on a Budget

You can take advantage of inexpensive, fun ways to relax and rejuvenate! From enjoying a staycation with your best friends to renting a bike and sightseeing in the city, there are many budget-friendly ways to have a good time. Here are some of our favorites.

Rest and Relaxation

8 Things to Do While Living on a Stipend

Honestly, you may be amazed by how many things you can do for free or for just a few dollars. City Year AmeriCorps member Bennett Shafer shares tips for fun, budget friendly activities.

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