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While most of your time as a City Year corps member will be spent in schools helping students, you’ll also spend a significant amount of time in leadership training to develop your skills in service and beyond. These training sessions can follow many different formats, including instructor-led sessions, e-learning, and practical exercises and instruction. They include:

Basic Training Academy (BTA)

BTA is a three to four week on-boarding experience where you’ll meet your service team, get prepared and trained for the year ahead, and learn about City Year’s mission, culture, values, and our approach to addressing the nation’s dropout crisis.

Learning and Development Days (LDDs)

For at least one entire Friday each month, you’ll have a Learning and Development Day that’ll focus on providing you with ongoing training and development. While every LDD is different, you can expect experiences like literacy and math tutoring trainings, presentations from guest speakers, and professional development trainings like resume writing or public speaking classes, all that will help you prepare for your life after City Year.

Advanced Training Academy (ATA)

Halfway through the year, each City Year site dedicates several days to Advanced Training Academy. This is an opportunity to step away from your school and classroom to develop advanced skills related to our civic competencies, reflect on what you’ve learned, set goals for the second half of the year, and reconnect with the City Year community.

Leadership and Reflecting

City Year was founded on the belief that a year of service can not only change a community, but can change the individual serving as well. This founding belief is the inspiration behind our leadership development curriculum, The Idealist’s Journey.  We know that there is more to leadership than skills and knowledge; you have to leave room for reflection, too.  You have to ask yourself, what is your personal mission statement? What are your own core values? What are your goals for the year? Your answers to these questions will not only influence your time at City Year, but your life after City Year, too.