You wake up before the sun rises and go to bed after the sun sets.
You instinctively end up in a circle formation when talking with a group.
You shake your hand in the air instead of applauding.
You see anyone dressed in khakis and red and assume they’re serving.
You can never find time to go to the post office or bank.
People refer to you as “CITY YEAR!” instead of your name.
You receive almost as many emails from Old Navy as you do from your boss.
You talk about your students more than anything else.
You refer to your students as your “babies” or “kids”, no matter how old they are.
You often get mistaken for a Target, Jimmy Johns, or Staples employee.
You learn as much from your students as they learn from you.
You refuse to give up on them, because at least one person believed in you.
You wake up every day ready and proud to serve because you know your students are counting on you. #makebetterhappen

- Adele Norton

Adele serves on the Acosta Team at Jean Ribault High School.


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