In the "Why I Wear My Red Jacket" series, we feature AmeriCorps Members who share their stories: why they serve, what brought them to City Year, and the impact they've had in their service. This week, we're featuring Lindsay Rose, a Team Leader, who served in City Year Milwaukee last year. (Note - student names have been changed for their protection).

Lindsay in her City Year Uniform

Hi! My name is Lindsay Rose and I am proudly serving for as a Team Leader, serving students in the 8th grade at The Leadership Academies at Eugene J. Butler Middle School. I wanted to share with you a little about myself and my service with City Year. I completed my first year as an AmeriCorps Member with City Year Milwaukee and came "home" to serve my Team Leader year with City Year Jacksonville. I am originally from Coral Springs, Florida and I attended the University of North Florida in beautiful Jacksonville, where I studied Criminal Justice and minored in Political Science and History. 

I joined City Year because I have always had such a passion to work with young people. Not all students have the same resources to achieve their dreams, and that is concerning to me because they truly are the future. 

Lindsay with her team last year

In my time with City Year, I have had the privilege of working with some amazing students, such as Sierra. In the beginning of last year, Sierra was not always engaged with the classroom material. She would put her head down, talk to her friends and would not complete assignments. I started sitting with Sierra and I would encourage her and help her stay focused and do her school work. At first, she was apprehensive of my help, but once we were able to get to know each other she began to open up to me. Sierra and I would work together almost every day and she would come to after school tutoring whenever it was possible. With this extra work, I was immediately seeing improvements in her behavior and classwork. She was starting to see these improvements as well, and that was building her confidence at school. As the year went on, I was able to develop a relationship with her family members as I was calling home, sharing positive messages about her behavior and progress. Being able to share good news about our students with their families will always be one of my favorite parts of my City Year experience. 

Sierra ended the year strongly and is now in the 8th grade. I am so proud of her and all of her hard work last year! I know that even though I am not in her school this year that she will continue to work hard and continue on to high school next fall. Having the opportunity to work with amazing and inspiring students, like Sierra, is why I proudly wear my red jacket and lead a team for another year of service with City Year. I'm looking forward to seeing the impact my team will make with students like Sierra this year. 

Lindsay with her current team from Opening Day

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