by Audriana Hairston, Marketing and Communications Intern, City Year Jacksonville

Inclusivity is more than just celebrating diversity. It's actively embracing differences that enrich our communities. As one of City Year’s core organizational values, we take inclusivity very seriously and pursue it with joy. We asked some of our City Year Jacksonville AmeriCorps members serving at North Shore Elementary School to share their thoughts on inclusivity.

“When I think of inclusivity, I think of trying to get know everybody, their background, and appreciating for them for who they are. It is trying to find a way to make learning about others a positive and growth on my part.”
-Grey Colvin

“When it comes to inclusivity, personally I just see everybody as people and I tend not to categorize or generalize. I like to make everyone feel welcomed inside and outside the classroom. I just want everyone to feel safe and comfortable.”
-Andrew Meyer 

“I think inclusivity is very important. Being inclusive validates people’s existence including their race, age, sexual orientation and cultural background. One way that I think City Year has incorporated inclusivity is through team building and engaging everyone. We see ways that we are similar and learn to appreciate the ways we are different.
-Trevor Stephens, Team Leader

“I would say inclusivity is how, although we come from different places and backgrounds, we don’t use that to tear each other down. Instead we use that to bring each other together by finding a common ground. Although we are all different here at City Year, I have never felt different.”
-Margarita Nazario

“I myself have high functioning Asperger’s and Autism, as well as ADHD. So, through my whole life I have dealt with all types of stuff. I feel like making sure to include others even for the simplest things, like even a different kind of pencil, creates an inclusive environment.”
-Julia Moretz

“When it comes to inclusivity I make sure to get know everyone I work with.”
-Dane Jensen



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