Today's blog was written by Liz Williams, an AmeriCorps Member serving on the Sea Best Team at William M. Raines High School. 


Reaching your senior year in college comes with awesome perks and opportunities, as well as some inevitable questions from most adults in your life. These questions may sound like “What are you doing next?”, "What's your plan?", “Do you have a job yet?”,  or “Are you going to graduate school?”. 

If you are still figuring things out or if you have no idea what to do next (like yours truly was when I was in college), those questions may incite anxiety, and in my case a lot of sleepless nights. Thank goodness City Year came into my life when it did.  City Year was a great option for me after college. City Year has given me a chance to have a great plan for a year after college while I continue to explore new options. I have been able to see education through a different lens, meet and work with a diverse group of people, and understand more about America’s education system. I have also had the opportunity to spend a year serving in a city and working with a community much larger and different than the one I grew up in.

Once I discovered City Year, the question of what I was up to the next year was no longer daunting or stressful. While many City Year AmeriCorps Members are like me, college graduates looking for the next step, other AmerCorps Members are high school graduates and others have very specific career plans after City Year.  My team has their own unique stories and reasons why they think City Year is a great option after college, read on to see their reasons. 

Quotes from ACMsQuotes from ACMs

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