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The 2019-2020 School Year brought some exciting changes to City Year's work in Duval County Public Schools. We were able to introduce three new partner elementary schools to ensure that we are saturating the matriculation feeder pattern of both Raines and Ribault High Schools!


Long Term Impact (LTI) Strategy

City Year is guided by a national multi-year strategy to drive student success in college and career readiness through our Long Term Impact Strategy. LTI for short, because you know we love acronyms, is a multi-faceted wide ranging plan to innovate and disrupt systemic under-resourced schools across the country. It is a plan of both ambitious scale and depth. 



We have an ambitious plan to drive high school graduation and address systemic achievement gaps across the country. To do so, City Year plans to... 

  • Serve the cities that account for 2/3 of the nation's dropout rates
  • Support at least 50% of the off-track students in each community we serve
  • Ensure 80% of students in City Year school reach the 10th grade on track



We know students can learn and benefit from receiving the right supports at the right times. That's why City Year is committing to a 7 Year Promise. We will serve  students 3rd through 9th grade in their classrooms ensuring they have a near-peer mentor and tutor to foster their academic and social-emotional growth. This promise challenges us to serve in the matriculation feeder-pattern of our students to the best of our ability. Therefore, nationally we have a goal to saturate 40-50 feeder patterns by 2022. 


Local Adaptation 

As of this year, City Year Jacksonville has partnered with three new schools, St. Clair Evans Academy, Carter G. Woodsen, and Andrew Robinson Elementary. Although we deeply miss the students we served at Andrew Jackson High, Edward H. White High, and the Leadership Academies at Eugene J. Butler,  we are already seeing an immensely positive impact from our work in the new schools. We cannot express enough that this decision was made only after extensive thought, with both the benefit of City Year students and the sustainability of City Year weighing heavily into the decision - more on that below. 


PITW #127 Embrace Change! City Year is always changing, like sand beneath our feet. That's good. Learn to love change. Change is what keeps the organization moving forward. ... Every year there is new change to be embraced - growth of the corps, new locations and new ideas!


The Why's of our Decision

As a values-driven organization we pulled heavily on "Students First, Collaboration Always" and "Inspirational Community Impact" to frame our opportunities. Therefore, there were three major considerations taken into account during deliberation for shifting school partnerships: alignment to our LTI, district priorities, and resourcing. 

First and foremost we were led by our commitment to fulfil our 7-Year Promise to our students. Shifting to three new partner schools allowed CYJAX to fulfill this promise to more than 9,000 students annually. Students in the Raines and Ribault feeder patterns will now have City Year cheering and supporting them through elementary, middle, and high school. 
Second, we ensured alignment with Duval County Public Schools priorities. We have built a strong relationship with Superintendent Dr. Diana Greene who was inaugurated on July 2019. She has a strong interest in City Year AmeriCorps members serving in elementary schools where our impact can drive the prevention of long-term habit formation and set a strong foundation for proficiency in math and English. 
Finally, CYJAX had to take into account short-term resourcing constraints of recruitment and funding. Expansion into three new schools in a single year would have strained our recruitment and fundraising pipeline so we needed to redeploy instead of increasing corps size. We anticipate continued momentum in recruitment and fundraising to allow for expansion in the future. 
Ultimatley, we aim to service and fulfill our 7-Year Promise to our students in alignment with district priorities. This will allow us to SERVE more students and another feeder pattern in the coming years - a strategic call to action for all City Year champions, past present and future. 


Have Questions? Come out to our Alumni Town Hall meeting to hear from our Executive Leadership Team!  

Wednesday, October 9th, 2019

7:00pm - 8:00pm

City Year Jacksonville Office

6 East Bay Street, Second Floor


The Impact

So far, we have seen many successes in our schools! One of these successes took place at St. Clair Evans Academy alongside Superintendent Dr. Greene and school board member Darryl Willie, where 400 students had their feet washed and received new shoes. 





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