It all started on the day City Year was holding this pi event. When lunch time came around, Ms. Johnson came up to me and asked “Are you going to participate?” She was joking around telling me I was going to miss out if I didn't participate. I walked over to the table to go pay $1 for the chance to throw a pie at one of them. Before I could throw the pie, Ms. Hall quizzed me by asking what "pi" was?  I told her pi = 3.14 and that it is also the circumference of a circle. I got my pie and Ms. Hall reminded me to take off my blazer so it wouldn't get it messed up or dirty. Then Ms. Wray and Ms. Johnson looked at each other and said “oh no there goes Josh.” I took my pie, took one step back, put my hand on my chin,  raised my hand with the pie, took a grip of it, and was ready to throw it. That is when I looked at both Ms. Wray and Ms. Johnson. I pushed my arm forward and it went cling. And guess what? It beamed for Ms. Johnson’s face and it splashed all over Ms. Wray! Ms. Johnson thought I was going to miss. Umm...Nope! I did this with one dollar, one pie, and one shot. It was my best moment this week. 

-Written by a student at the Young Men's Leadership Academy


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