And now it is time for Putting Idealism To Work! Bing!

A little bit of fun builds community and makes the group more productive over the long run. When your plans are almost done, go back over them and do a “fun” check — especially for retreats and long meetings. If there is no fun time there, go back and put some in.


Last week, the Wells Fargo Team at Edward H. White High School hosted the January Community Meeting for the City Year Jacksonville AmeriCorps members and staff.  As a City Year community, it is important for us to take time off from our day-to-day schedules to reconnect with our teammates and the rest of the site one way we do that is through community meetings. Each community meeting provides an update on the presenting team, but it serves an even more important purpose: entertaining the AmeriCorps members and staff, as well as highlighting important culture pieces in our organization.

The Ed White Team performing during their community meetingFor our community meeting, we created a “Saturday Night Live” parody dubbed “Community Meeting Live,” and shared sketches relating to the strong culture that creates the foundation of City Year. The night started with a public announcement from the “Obama Family,” played by some of my teammates, to encourage the community to share their Joys, Ripples, and Appreciations. One teammate, Rebekah, allowed us to “Moccasin” her, or walk in her shoes, by sharing part of her Haitian culture with us through dances. I had the honor of sharing my “Life’s Work,” and my teammates shared stories about their Starfish, students with whom they have made special connections. Throughout the meeting, we were able to forget the stresses and exhaustion of our daily work and focus on positive culture pieces, humor, and teamwork.

In a normal workplace, a performance that highlights humor and culture may be viewed as silly but at City Year we are lucky that it is a monthly occurrence. In our Idealist Handbook, PITW #49 states “Don’t’ Forget to Have Fun: a little bit of fun builds community and makes the group more productive over the long run.”  The Community Meeting definitely rejuvenated our team, and we hope that it rejuvenated the Corps and the Staff as well.  And that was Putting Idealism To Work! BING!


Blog written by Maggie Dobek. Maggie is the team leader serving on the Wells Fargo Team at Edward H White High School. Follow their adventures and journey to #makebetterhappen on Instagram @cyjax_edwhite

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