If you’re reading this blog, you’ve likely heard of City Year Jacksonville. But have you heard of AmeriCorps and their state partners, like Volunteer Florida? Since 1994 this federal program for national service has deployed more than 900,000 volunteers. If you’ve seen the impact of a single City Year Jacksonville AmeriCorps member, imagine 75,000 AmeriCorps members each year mentoring children in schools, fighting poverty, rebuilding after disasters, providing health service, strengthening the environment, and supporting veterans. That is AmeriCorps moving our nation forward.

As a champion of service volunteerism, it is difficult for us to overstate the role AmeriCorps plays in accomplishing our mission. Each volunteer City Year Jacksonville places in a school - who subsequently impacts student lives – is made possible by programs like AmeriCorps. In school year 2014-2015 alone, that translates to 70 City Year AmeriCorps members serving in 8 high-poverty schools. Thanks to AmeriCorps, City Year Jacksonville has been able to provide individualized support and attention, in and outside of class, to 1,900 off-track students. And each new year, we  will move more students on-track and on-time to graduate.  

March 9, 2015 marks the beginning of AmerCorps Week. During this time especially, we are reminded that we are not serving alone. City Year Jacksonville is proud to be one of 25,000 sites that AmeriCorps members serve at each year. Together, we make a powerful movement that understands and addresses the complex problems facing our communities. Thank you to AmeriCorps, every site, and every AmeriCorps member that sees the difficult and takes action!

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