Mesha came to City Year for an opportunity to make an impact in a community and work hands on with students before committing to become a teacher. She served as an AmeriCorps member on the Rice Family Foundation Team for the 2015-2016 service year and served as an AmeriCorps Team Leader at The Leadership Academies at Eugene J. Butler Middle for the 2016-2017 service year. Mesha’s experience in City Year played a pivotal role in her becoming a teacher at KIPP Jacksonville in 2017. “I loved working with the students so much and I felt more prepared with teaching because of the experience I had with City Year,”  
When asked about some of the valuable experiences Mesha received from City Year, she had high praises for the professional development and leadership opportunities she was provided. “It was so great to have help with my resume and interview prep, but I also received so much leadership and teamwork development. Working on a diverse team, taught me about communication and collaboration, and I don’t think I would have learned as much about myself and others without that experience.” 

Mesha and her corps year team, the Rice Family Foundation Team serving at S.P. Livingston Elementary

Now  that Mesha is a teacher, responsible for her own class of first graders at KIPP Jacksonville, she is able to put all of the hands on, in class experience she got as an AmeriCorps member to good use. “I am so grateful for the exposure I got during my service year. City Year and the relationship with my partner teacher prepared me for handling behavior issues and tactical skills like lesson planning and understanding student data. I wouldn’t have been as prepared if I hadn’t done a corps year.” 

Mesha is an example of the countless other City Year alumni who go into the field of teaching, creating a pipeline of high quality educators.

Brandie Z. Harris
Manager of Corporate Giving and Communications
City Year Jacksonville

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