AmeriCorps members walking down the hallway at William M Raines High School

In the midst of the coming holiday season we are often prompted to take a minute out of our busy lives to pause and reflect on what we are truly thankful for. AmeriCorps members are asked to share appreciations every morning and afternoon, as we begin and end our day of service. This reflection is incredibly important. It reminds us to be grateful every day for what fuels our service and brings us positivity both personally and as a team. It is essential that we continually think about who supports and encourages us on this journey, as well as the communities that make our work worthwhile.

When the Sea Best team serving at William M. Raines High School was asked, “What are you thankful for?” there seemed to be a common theme. We all choose to highlight the people- most of which have only entered into our lives in the past few months- that make our service a little bit easier every day; students, teammates, colleagues, and friends. Check out some of the responses below:

“I am most thankful for my amazing team and our Math Coach, Mrs. Collins. The unconditional support has been so wonderful and I do cherish our collaboration sessions. I can't imagine myself with a more befitting team.” –Seohee Won

“I am thankful for a team who shows up every day, rain or shine, and have truly embraced the idea of making better happen.” -Casey Bessemer, Team Leader

“I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve in my hometown, Jacksonville, FL. It has been a pleasure to give back to my hometown by serving at William M. Raines High School. Also I'm thankful for my students and teacher who are the leading players in my journey. As well as my team who decided along with myself to make a commitment to serve for 10 months as a role model. The City Year experience has been humbling and life changing thus far. Every day I aim to be the best role model I can be because I know my students are watching me.” -Chaunterria Jackson 

“I’m most thankful for my students and how far we’ve come since the year began and where we are going as far as getting what they are learning down pact and building better relationships.” –Kyle Smoot

“I’m thankful for the time in these last few months to get to know my students better. I am also really appreciative of Seohee, my fearless and awesome class partner, our whole school team, for helping to keep each other sane, and my roommates, Conner and Maya for always being understanding.” –Jenna Malloy

“I am thankful for City Year and the opportunity it has given me to impact the lives of others every day. My partner teacher is fantastic and I am thankful for her persistence in continually involving me into the classroom. I am most thankful for the new sense of home that I have found in Jacksonville and to all my students that make this worth the while.” –Praises Vega

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