The nonprofit organization City Year is a constant presence at Detroit Collegiate Prep at Northwestern. They service many different schools around the country and act as mentors and tutors to many students.

Hannah Heebner is a City Year member serving the Detroit Collegiate Prep at Northwestern family. She is from Farmington Hills, and she attended the University of Michigan.

Another member of the City Year team is Annabelle Wilkinson, she is from Troy/Bloomfield Hills, and she graduated from Michigan State University in 2011.

“Go Green!” Wilkinson said.

Last but not least, we have Lenora Lucaj. She is from Highland, and she graduated from the University of Michigan this past May.

“City Year is at this school because we care about the drop-out crisis,” Heebner said. “And strive to give students who walk in the doors a chance to graduate.”

City Year mainly serves freshman students.

“Studies have shown that when students can pass ninth-grade math and English, their chance of graduating increases significantly,” Heebner said. “Education is important. We’re here to help you succeed.”

Right now, the City Year helps control the class environment so that students can learn as best as possible, and to help both teachers and students in the classroom. The City Year common room is located on the fifth floor in room 514C.

“Students can use City Year in many ways,’ Wilkinson said. “Come to us if you need help in the classroom. If you need someone to talk to we can be there for you as well. We’ll encourage you at every turn, we want you to reach your goals and dreams.”

Students can use City Year as mentors, tutors, and people they can trust.

“We love making relationships with students, so don’t be shy,” Heebner said. Come talk to us about anything.”

To participate in their tutoring program, a permission slip must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to them. Tutoring sessions are offered from Monday through Thursday from 3:30-4:45 p.m.

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