By: Bobby Regan

The City Year team at North High School is running a campaign during the month of April to raise awareness within the student body on the topics of Bullying, Gender, Identity, and Respect. The purpose of the campaign, called “Watch Yo’ Mouth”, is to show our students the power of the words they use and the positive and negative effects that come with them. 

The first week was titled "Mean Girls." During this week we addressed how negative words used against women deeply impact self-worth.

We are now in our second week called "Boys Don't Cry." The focus is on how we as society define and understand masculinity.

The third week will be on Identity. We will explore the cultures of our North Denver neighborhood to help our students better understand themselves and their peers. During this week we will also be hosting a Community Night at North High School to celebrate the culture and history of North Denver by introduding the community organizations that work to build positive change for our neighborhood to local families and business owners.

The fourth and final week will be "Respect Week." We hope that "Watch Yo' Mouth" will foster a positive culture within our school and community as well as be a lasting tradition that we can build on year after year.

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