Trevista at Horace Mann’s Women’s History Display


“The thing that I like most about women is their strength.  I say this because they live in a place where men are dominant in our society and yet they still wake up everyday and do what needs to be done for themselves and their families.”

 - Rico Givens 6th Grade


From the time that “his”tory began, there was “her”story, a tale seldom told for the reason that young Rico has pointed out to us above: the patriarchy.  Women have had to fight throughout time in order to combat the repercussions of male privilege and this fight continues today.  However, I recognize this as “our”history and that the fight against the isms of our generation are being addressed as a whole and Women’s History Month represents these overall efforts to bring awareness to so many people by giving recognition to women’s voices and those who support them.    

Although it is important to speak about the achievements and great strides women have made over the course of history, it is equally important to hear what we appreciate about the women in our everyday lives.  In honor of that, today I have the opportunity to share with you what it is to be a woman and what others appreciate about the women in their lives.  This post is the avenue for the voices of those who I serve and those who serve alongside me.  I encourage you to recognize the women in your life; let their story be your story and eventually it will become our story:


“What I love about being a woman is the freedom of choice that I have the confidence to use.  I can choose to dress down with sweats and sneakers, or dress up in sparkles and skirts and feel cute and sexy either way.  I also really love doing fun eye makeup; that's the best part about makeup aside from fun lip colors. I also love having the caring maternal instinct: I love being a calming, loving figure to others and spreading love in that way.  I love being strong and athletic as a woman because I constantly surprise the boys by being good at sports and activities... notice I said boys, because men wouldn't be so surprised!”     

                                                                                                -Carly Wolken


“I have the ability to always prove others wrong. I always hear that girls can’t play this or do that, and my actions prove them wrong.”

                                                                                                -6th Grade Student


“I love my curiosity.  Being a woman gives me the freedom to chase my dreams. I get to decide whether or not I have kids, travel, volunteer, and eat things that have mothers. I have the freedom to take part in dialogue with others. Every human has a different experience and my own does not speak to all women, all vegans, all AmeriCorps members, or all group fitness fanatics. I love observing others and being inspired by their experiences. I was blessed with women role models who traveled alone and lived in big cities alone. My family encouraged me to work hard and not waste my potential- lucky for me I was able to see my potential in others who looked like me. As a human, I get the freedom to explore this Earth and practice becoming a better me. I love being a woman.“

-Ellen Jokerst


“Being a girl is awesome, because we are kind, sweet, and funny. We are like a pack of wolves: a force to be recognized.”

                                                                                                -6th Grade Student


“What I love most about being a woman is my sense of independence, adventure and compassion. Such characteristics and lessons have come from very important and inspiring women who have led powerful and successful lives. My mother raised me to live by the golden rule: to never underestimate my strength as a woman and to always remain open-minded and forward thinking. My sister showed me how to believe in myself, to be confident with my body and to work passionately and diligently. Lastly, my geography professor impressed upon me the significance of being a feminist and what it looks like to truly care for the people and world around us. I am beyond thankful for these women and to all women alike.”

                                                                                                -Emily Takimoto 

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