By Chinonso Aladi, AmeriCorps Member at Mifflin High School

Women's History Month is an annual celebration highlighting the contributions of women in history and contemporary society.

Women’s History Month is a dedicated time when extraordinary people, who happen to be women, serve as models of astonishing inspiration for current and future generations—for both women and men.

To join in on the celebration, I decided to feature a local extraordinary woman—City Year Columbus’s Vice President and Executive Director Tasha Booker. Tasha has had this position since 2014 and has being serving as the primary leader, internal manager, strategist, external champion, and builder of the Columbus site. In addition to all the amazing other things she does, she is also a mother to her son Logan!

Prior to joining City Year, Tasha served as the Director of Development and Public Relations for I Know I Can, where she was responsible for all resource development and public relations. Tasha has also held roles for United Way of Central Ohio, Boy Scouts of America and Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

What makes Tasha so special to the corps members and staff is, she serves as a mother hen to us. She watches out for our best interests and well-being. When she is not busy leading the site, we often see her during L&D Days, and at our school sites, cheering us on. And the best part of all? She does it with a smile on her face every day.

Tasha Booker is strong, fierce, and a woman of excellence!

Happy Women's History Month!

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