On Saturday, October 24th, City Year Columbus (CYCO) opened our doors for our annual Parent Friends and Family (PFF) weekend. This eventful day gives guests a chance to experience a day in the life of an AmeriCorps member. Every aspect of PFF Day is designed to allow guests to experience the dedication of our corps while also getting a taste of true City Year culture.

“Hey, it’s you, you’re here, that’s great!” 

As parents, friends and family arrived for registration, they were cheerfully greeted by a joyous group of morning greeters. Our offices were flooded with nearly 50 guests, all here to support the mission of City Year. Our staff did a stellar job of introducing City Year and giving guests a quick snapshot of how our service is impacting the six schools we serve in Columbus City School. Thereafter, guests had the opportunity to learn about the tools and strategies that we use to mentor, tutor, and be a role model for our students.

Parents, friends and family rotated across six different stations, each exposing them to some of the work corps members do in a typical day. They learned about English and math coaching, heard about some of our founding stories, and even wrote their own gratitude and appreciation notes for corps members! It was quite a collaborative effort for CYCO to prepare these stations and our effort was reflected by the bright smiles and eager participation of our guests.

We capped off PFF Day with some refreshments, mingling, and baby pictures! CYCO is thankful for all of the guests who attended, especially those who traveled from different states. Gratitude and appreciation to all of our champions that continue to support our mission.

By Bethlehem Aderajew, Second Year AmeriCorps Member, Mifflin High School

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