Name: Patrick (Pat) Antenucci

Hometown: Born in Blacksburg, VA but raised in Warren, OH

City Year Columbus School: Mifflin High School

Grade/Subject: 9th grade English

College/Area of study? Youngstown State University (Go Penguins!), degree in English and a minor in creative writing

Why did you join City Year? I guess there are a couple reasons. The less impressive one is that I wasn’t quite sure what my next step was after college. The next reason is that I was a bit of a handful in high school, but I had a couple of teachers that didn’t give up on me and surprisingly made me feel bad when I didn’t turn something in. One quote in particular sticks in my mind. A teacher once told me, “You know, Antenucci, if you put your mind to something, it would be scary the things you could do.” That quote really resonated with me. I want to bestow that feeling upon other students and make them see their worth and value.

Advice to self in high school? To put myself out there more in terms of interests, to develop and pursue something I’m passionate about. I think my problem back then was that I had an active mind but nothing to give my attention to. I wish I had found a passion and pursued it.

Favorite things to do when not in school? I love having good conversations with people. They can be about anything—books, movies, politics. I love to read and write, try new foods, explore new places. Surprisingly, I love learning. I have more of an appetite now for knowledge than I did when I was younger.

What has been your favorite part of City Year so far? I’ve enjoyed meeting everybody-- that’s a given. I’ve met some awesome people, and had some fun times. I love working with the kids one on one and seeing them stick with their work, even if they’re not getting it. It really melts my heart. More than anything, I like the feeling of fulfillment I have at the end of the day, whether it has been a good day or a draining day. Just knowing I’m being there and trying, I wouldn’t trade this job for anything else. 

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