Monday mornings can be a struggle for everyone, so we decided to pump up our morning greeting with some new cheers.  Even though most students act too cool to join in, I heard a few students singing good morning as I walked to class.  During first block, I noticed one of my focus list students was missing.  I was able to slip out of class for a minute and make a phone call home.  After speaking to her mother, I learned that my student was sick and would probably be absent the next few days.  I know missing class will make it difficult for this student to stay on track, so I will start making some lesson plans to help catch her up when she returns.

Today, our school hosted a blood drive through the American Red Cross.  After learning about past struggles at LMSA with blood drives, I took on the role of blood drive coordinator.  Students, teachers, corps members and community members all donated side by side – Ubuntu.  Students earned volunteer hours and learned about the blood donation process. After encouraging first-time donors all day, I decided to donate for my first time as well. We all agreed, it was a successful event and we are looking forward to hosting another drive at LMSA!

Every Wednesday during planning period, the Diplomas Now team gets together for an EWI (Early Warning Indicator) meeting.  The team consists of teachers, City Year, Communities in Schools and our school transformation facilitator.  During these meetings, we discuss a small group of students who are struggling with attendance, behavior and course performance and collaborate to best support the students to get them back on track. PITW #36: Learn how to get diverse input for designs and decisions. I shared some successes a student had with me during a pull out session.

Thursdays are some of my favorite days because I get to each lunch with some of my most difficult, yet charming, students.  We have been running 50 Acts of Leadership during lunch, City Year’s behavior coaching program that helps students develop as leaders.  On this Thursday, we talked about different types of communication, as well as conflict resolution.  Even though these students still have a long way to go, I am proud of their accomplishments so far!

On Fridays we spend our mornings in the school and afternoons at the office for training and professional development.  This Friday, we had the opportunity to mock interview with employers from the Columbus area.  I am so thankful that City Year invests time and energy into helping grow the corps as professionals and giving us amazing networking opportunities. 

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